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Trapped with the Blizzard

By Adele Huxley

Romantic Suspense / Sports Romance

Published : November 17, 2015







A new danger lurks in the storm…

All I wanted was the perfect quiet Christmas in our new home with my growing family. A huge tree, cookies, carols, you know… some basic frickin’ Yuletide cheer. Of course, because we’re Liz and Bryan “The Blizzard” Marsh, nothing can go to plan.

First, we agree to take in Bryan’s cousin Dani for the winter. In the cult of moody teenagers, she is their Queen. I’d hoped we could connect, but to say we haven’t gotten along would be the understatement of the century.

Then there’s the Market Price Pyro, a local arsonist who is torching buildings all over town. Cops can’t stop him and no one knows what to do. I don’t care what Bryan says. Even though we haven’t been directly targeted, I know we’re linked in some way.

And to top it all off, Mother Nature has veered the storm of the century right to our front door. With a three-day blizzard barreling down on Tellure Hollow, we’re forced to evacuate everyone in town to the Powder Mountain lodge. As the resort caretakers, Bryan and I try to make Christmas as comfortable as we can.

Once we settle into the lodge to wait out the storm, strange things start to happen. It’s only when we’re completely snowed in I start to wonder… Maybe by trying to keep everyone safe from the storm, we’ve put them at even greater danger.

Trapped with the Blizzard is a standalone romantic thriller that takes place after Devoted to the Blizzard. The books in the Tellure Hollow series can be read individually, but are best read in order. This book is a great combination of contemporary and new adult romance featuring two main couples of different age ranges.  This novel contains adult language, sexual situations, and violence. It’s intended for adults.




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December 21st

“Another fire has turned deadly. A 19-year-old woman has been found dead after a nighttime blaze in Tellure Hollow started late last night. Jen Wachowicz is live at the scene but first, a look at the weather. Dan?”

The broadcast flipped to a middle-aged man with a middle-American accent. “Thank you, Hillary. As you can see, this storm is a monster and still hasn’t finished growing yet. We’ve been keeping an eye on it and the system seems to have shifted slightly. The jet stream is dipping down from the north a lot further than we originally expected while this swirl of moisture from the south is going to sit and rotate. This could mean one of two things.” The TV flashed with a graphic depicting two possible paths the storm could take. One showed the storm system shearing off to the north, missing us by hundreds of miles. The second, less likely track put the storm almost dead center on Tellure Hollow.

“The storm has the potential to dump two to three feet of snow in some locations,” the weatherman continued. “Other spots, mainly in the mountains, may see twice as much. There are a lot of variables at work with this storm, so there’s plenty of opportunity for this track to change. Anyone in this area,” he said, gesturing to a broad swath of the Rocky Mountains, “should keep an eye on this evolving situation.”

“Dan, what’s the timing of this storm?” Hillary asked.

“Well, Bing Crosby would be happy,” he said with a fake smile. “Timing for this storm in our area should mean we’ll have a very white Christmas. Back to you.”

“Thank you, Dan. As we reported at the top of the hour, the small mountain town of Tellure Hollow is rocked by yet another fire, this time, with deadly consequences. We now go live to Jen at the scene. Jen?”

The young reporter had her finger in her ear, the bright lights washing out the layers of makeup plastered on her face. Wide-eyed, she jumped at the introduction. “Yes, thank you, Hillary. Residents are shocked by the latest development in the ‘Market Price Pyro’ arson spree. The charred remains of the building you see behind me is all that is left of a vacation rental. 19-year-old Rachel Swank, a Denver native, was staying in the cabin with five others. The teenage friends had minutes to escape when the fire broke out in the early morning hours.”

The TV cut to a prerecorded scene. A distressed young woman with tears streaking her face stood wrapped in a rough blanket. She stared at the cabin in disbelief as she spoke into the microphone. “My boyfriend smelled the smoke first. We were able to crawl out on the deck. By the time we realized Rachel wasn’t with us, it was… there was no way.”

The camera returned to Jen’s somber face. “Firemen have confirmed the smoke detectors were stripped of batteries prior to the fire. Because of the incendiary materials used to start the blaze, and the letter found pinned to a tree at the scene, police are pinning this fire on the same arsonist who has plagued the area for weeks. Residents are asked to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior.”

I turned off the TV, set the remote on the table with a trembling hand, and spoke without looking at Bryan. I was afraid if I did, the tiny hold over my emotions might crumble.

“You recognized the cabin, right?”

He sighed and leaned forward to put a hand on my back. “It doesn’t mean anything.”

I rolled my eyes. “How many times have we gotten ourselves into trouble by ignoring the obvious? There’s a connection here. I can feel it.”

“Maybe there is, but that doesn’t mean we have anything to do with it. Other things can happen in Tellure Hollow that don’t involve us, you know?” he quipped. “The world doesn’t revolve around us.”

I didn’t completely believe that, but I snorted despite myself. “Of course it does. We’re the most important people in this town,” I chuckled quietly.

“Come on,” Bryan comforted, sliding an arm around my waist. “Don’t borrow trouble. Let’s get Jack fed, start dinner, and enjoy a quiet night.”

“A quiet night?” I scoffed. “With Miss Moody stomping around upstairs? What if she brings the cloud down with her?” Still, sitting so close to him was giving me all sorts of ideas.

“We’ll put on America’s Got Talent or something equally lame to scare her back to her bedroom,” Bryan added.

“Well, aren’t you full of solutions?” I bumped his shoulder with mine, still trying to shake the sinking feeling in my gut.

“That’s me, solving the world’s problems, one compromise at a time.”

Q&A with Adele Huxley

  1. What is the worst job you have had prior to becoming a writer?

This is really funny considering my Tellure Hollow series, but my worst job was working at a ski resort! I was hired in lift ticket sales, so I was the smiling face at the ticket window. My top half was freezing cold and my bottom half was burning up from the space heater at my knees. It was great in the mornings during the rush, but when it was quiet they wouldn’t even let you read or listen to music. So basically six hours in a tiny cubicle, freezing/sweating, with nothing to do… I wanted the job because we could ski for free but I could never bring myself to at the end of the day. I will say, in the world of crappy jobs, these were very first world problems! I’ve lucked out.

  1. Who has been your favorite character to write? Why?

Mason from Chaos was a lot of fun to get into. I got to write from a male perspective, which is always fun. Since he’s English, I had fun working in a lot of slang and unique sayings I picked up from living in the UK. And his special time shifting abilities were a blast to think about.

  1. Who is your favorite book boyfriend from your own books?

Landon DeWitt from the Playing with Power series. He’s not an alpha male, he’s not some domineering jerk. He’s my feminist dream but still sexy as hell. Landon respects Lauren, supports her but doesn’t try to control her in any way, but is totally full of passion.

  1. What is your favorite genre to read?

While I love reading romance, I try to limit it in my TBR list. I’m always afraid I’ll end up copying someone’s idea or mimicking their style without realizing. I enjoy suspense and horror, but I’ve been on a real kick of reading classics like Wuthering Heights.

  1. Where do you get your story inspirations?

I don’t know where they come from, but I wish they’d stop long enough for me to catch up! I have a list at least twenty ideas long, each a new series or standalone novel.  Here’s my artist side coming out…

As a writer, I want to soak up every single thing I can. From things like how light bounces off the water on a murky pond to the physical pain of heartbreak. I never know where I’ll use the experience. The desert heat I felt when I landed in Qatar helped me describe Mecca, though I’ve never been.

Most of my ideas start with asking myself a question. “What would happen if…” “If this happened, then what would happen next?”

  1. What is the most surreal moment you have had as an author so far?

Literally any moment a reader messages me to say they loved my book blows my mind. Actually, even if someone tells me they hated it, I’m still in awe. I’ve always written, even as a kid, so to have my words out there in the world is still the most amazing thing. I even had a lovely woman message to say the Tellure Hollow series rekindled her love for reading! After I got over the initial, “Okay, which one of my friends is pranking me here,” moment, I got teary!

  1. What are you working on right now?

I’m currently writing A Wicked Decision, which is the second book in the Kael Family series. I feel like I’m taking a bit of a chance with these books, even though my readers loved the first one, A Wicked Desire. It’s more erotic romance than my other books and paranormal romance is pretty much nothing but shifters and vampires anymore.

Once I thought about an incubus (a demon who feeds on sexual energy) walking among us like vampires in Twilight, I couldn’t stop myself!

  1. What would be the first level you would visit in the club in A Wicked Desire?

Hahaha! Well… I’d like to think I’m brave enough for Level 5, Anonymous Sex.  I mean, if you’re going to a sex club, you’re all about the pleasure, right? So to do that without knowing who the other person is seems hot as well.

In reality, I’d probably never venture further than Level 3, Voyeurism. I’d be the creeper in the shadows watching! Here’s a link to the club levels!

  1. If you had a super power (like your characters in Chaos) what would you want it to be?

The whole concept for Chaos came from my desire to have that rewinding ability! I daydream about doing ridiculous things in public just to see what people’s reactions would be. Go dance with that old lady, steal the baguette out that guy’s bag and take a big bite… just silly stuff that would probably get me in serious trouble. But if I could shift time back, I could do whatever I wanted without any consequence!

That makes me sound crazy, doesn’t it? Ummm, flying, then. Yeah, definitely flying…

  1. You have written in several genres. Do you enjoy one more than any other?

Probably romantic suspense. To be fair, if you asked me tomorrow, I’d probably have a different answer!

Genre is a different word for focus.

  1. If you could collaborate with one other author, who would it be and why?

Tarryn Fischer, hands down. The lyricism in her writing is so beautiful and I’m attracted to darker stories that deal with gritty topics.

  1. The Blizzard series has such a wide range of characters in it. Who was your favorite “villain” to write in that series?

Noah. There are scenes in Caught by the Blizzard and Saved by the Blizzard that make my skin crawl, even now. He is such an entitled sociopath and so different from anyone I’ve ever met (thank God), I enjoyed getting in his head a little!


Adele Huxley is many things. A coffee addict, bad at math, oh… and an author. Her college degree proves several professors believed she is capable of stringing multiple sentences together. Her college debt proves she’s bad at math. Adele also doesn’t like writing in the third person, so she’s decided to finish the rest of this bio like a human being.

If I had two fictional best friends they’d be Luna Lovegood and Wednesday Addams. In fact, I wish with all my heart I was the love child of both.

I’m married to my very own hunky Englishman, love to travel, and enjoy creating new elaborate swear words. I have three cats and move so often I don’t bother unpacking anymore. Seriously. In the past six years I’ve lived in 5 different states, 3 different countries, and, for a short time, out of my suitcase!

The best part of this job is meeting and talking with people who love words as much as I do. Come say hi! All contact info can be found on

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