interview with the queen of darknessI had the wonderful opportunity to interview one of my absolute favorite authors, Pepper Winters.  She writes the dark, twisted, angst-filled stuff that I was never aware of until Tears of Tess but am a HUGE fan of now!  She popped my little cherry when she introduced me to a few monsters that I couldn’t help but adore with my whole heart.

Let’s get to the questions.  I wanted to come up with some questions that were different.  Hopefully these will give you further insight into the mysterious Pepper Winters that we all know and love.

How long have you been writing books?

I started seriously 4-5 years ago but had always dabbled in creative writing before then. 

What qualities does Q possess that your hubby of 8 years also possesses?  Surely something came from him to help model Q’s character?

Hubby is very protective of me, his temper gets out of control if he thinks something is happening that threatens me. And hubby also speaks French 🙂 

french temper

Which character from your Monsters in the Dark series was hardest to develop?  Who was developed the easiest?

Q was the hardest as he kept so much of himself back while I was writing Tears of Tess. I never knew him till the end. Tess was easy. She’s so strong willed that I began to know her instantly.

How did you come up with the story for Tears of Tess and then Quintessentially Q?

I didn’t. I just went along for the ride. The storyline unfolded for me as I wrote. It was amazing seeing where the characters took me 🙂 

What’s your proudest moment since becoming an author?

Becoming a bestseller for sure. I never in my wildest dreams thought I could achieve that. 

How did your husband react when you told him you wanted to write your first book (if it was during your marriage)?  How did he react upon your success?

He was incredibly supportive. We went and bought me a laptop that same day and I never stopped pushing me. Even when I doubted myself.

Do you like torturing your characters? It kind of seems like you enjoy it…

I love it.

the worse the better

i suppose that makes me evil

I LOVE it. The worse the better, before I bring them back together again. I suppose that makes me evil 🙂 

What sort of future projects can we expect from you?  Will we see you on any book tours?

Yes, I’ll be touring the Goldcoast in March 2014 / Edinburgh in July 2014 / Sydney in Nov 2014. I have a fair few projects on the go at the moment. I’ll be releasing many more to come 🙂 

Will we ever get to see a picture of the famous Pepper Winters?  If so….I want to be the first!

LOL, I’m actually incredibly shy. I like to hide a little. I’ll have to get over that insecurity when I go to my first book signing but for now, I’m rather enjoying being faceless 🙂

Who is your all-time favorite author?  Did you draw inspiration from this person for your own writing or someone who inspires your work?

I LOVE Laini Taylor and her Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Just LOVE her writing style. 

Who is your biggest supporter (besides me)?  What do they do to keep you motivated and on the right track?

LOL, yes you’re awesome at helping me out. 🙂  Um, I’m very lucky to have a lot of readers who help me stay positive and on track. I know I have to do my best work to deliver a book they deserve.

Monsters In the Dark ShirtIs it hard juggling a day job and being a writer?

Yes, incredibly. I took time off to write QQ but now i’m back at work and I’m not switching off till 1-2am as I have so much to do after the day job–and that’s without finding time to write!

Why do you think Q is a unique book boyfriend?

He’s just him. He isn’t different, he’s just got issues that he fights so strongly. To Q he makes his own rules and I think he stands out for being a monster but being kind hearted too.

11 mr possessive aggressive beastWill you ever write any novellas about any of the other supporting characters in the Monsters in the Dark series?

I would like too, but I have so many titles on my plate right now I don’t want to commit to anything just yet. I suck at writing short books and I know if I started a novella it would turn out to be a full length book before I’d finished.

What’s your favorite thing about being a writer?  

I love that I can do this anywhere in the world. I love that i get to talk to so many people in different cities and time zones and I love getting to know other worlds and characters, all while sitting on my ass at home 🙂

I have had the privilege of reading Pepper’s newest project, Destroyed, early and you guys are going to LOVE it!!  I am SO excited for this one to be released into the world!!

destroyed cover

You should most definitely add it to your Goodreads…here!

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