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BUY Broken by K Webster

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Eeeeekkkk this book is totally hot !!!!!… so good! i loved it!!!

K Webster writes a sexy debut novel that should be one-clicked by anyone who loves a sizzling read! It’s fun, sexy and had me turning pages until the very end.

K Webster takes you back in between the chapters to Andi’s darker days which I loved. It really helped tell the story and makes you feel what Andi is feeling. You really get to understand why she has decided to change herself the way she has, but honestly, I love her character anyway.


And Jackson – oh my god – Jackson… this guy just drips sex! You will love him, I promise (see the pic down the bottom? hot right??

I don’t really like giving reviews where I go into the story and explain what parts I liked etc, I really just want…

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