I have to admit, the lovely thing about my wonderful kindle is getting my hands on erotica novels that weren’t accessible to me previously.  They are my guilty pleasure.

Recently, I met a new erotica novelist named Author T. Hearst.  She’s quite fabulous!

We had a lovely chat and I hope you all enjoy getting to know her as much as I did!


When did you start writing erotica fiction?  

I began writing erotica because I wanted to explore the realm of sexuality without being judged by others whom actually knew the real me. I feel that sexual liberation is in order for us women whom commit ourselves to so many others. Whether it be our children, family members, friends, and even lovers we tend to always give versus being receptive to what we want and how we want it. Erotica provided me with an escape and I hope to encourage other women to release their own inhibitions to attain those burning desires within.

Which fictional character would you most like to have a drink with and why?

There is actually a character named Chink in a Hood Chronicles(my publisher)novel named Chink. He was so suave yet intelligent. I am attracted to the bad boy who knows how to treat a good girl and he fit that description!

Do you think anyone can write erotica fiction?

I definitely think anyone can write erotica just not good erotica! You have to have a certain type of passion to create the type of scenes which captivate a reader and that’s where I believe raw talent is necessary.

What is the name of your upcoming book?

The name of my upcoming book is Sadistic Saturdays and it chronicles the lives of multiple married couples who end up a part of a secret sex club for diverse reasons. Things heat up during an annual event known as Sadistic Saturday.

Do people assume your erotic writing comes from your real life?  My grandmother told me as long as I write from the mind and not experience, ummmmm.  What’s your take?

No, people would call me a prude and know that I have to have a wild imagination. I am so conservative, but when the passion rages I release those hidden desires. Based on how I carry myself, they just tease, laugh, and call me a closet freak lol!

Does music play a role in your work?  If so, what?

I’m really not that into music unless its jazz due to a lack of lyrical content. I simply write when a scene pops in my head and dirty little thoughts keep me pushing my pen lol!

Is there anything about you that would surprise or shock people?

I think people would be shocked to find out that I lost my virginity last year and I am 34 years old!

Where can readers connect with you?

As for social media,I am brand spanking new,but you can find me on Facebook under Author T Hearst. I will soon be creating a twitter and other sites soon!

Stay tuned and I’ll post a link when her book comes out in the upcoming weeks…..