Move over Mr. Darcy, there’s a new bachelor in town…

Filthy Gorgeous


‘In the 21st century it is a truth universally acknowledged that the last thing a single man in possession of a good fortune wants, is a wife who will inevitably bleed him dry when she divorces him for serial adultery’

Meet advertising mogul Alexander Slade. He’s successful, handsome, sexy, smart…and completely cynical when it comes to romantic entanglements. He seduces, he lusts, he leaves, over and over again and that’s just fine by him. After all, how can a guy go about seducing the most beautiful women in New York if he already has a plus one?

Alexander’s playboy lifestyle is sailing close to perfection and he couldn’t be happier… that is until his wealthy father issues him a nightmare ultimatum. Concerned that his son’s outrageous antics are ruining the company’s reputation, he tells Alexander he must find a fiancée by his thirtieth birthday or forfeit his inheritance.

With only two months to go until the dreaded milestone, Alexander calls on his close friends to help him find a creative solution to solve‘the bride problem’, with hilarious consequences.

Will Alexander find a way to keep both his fortune and his bachelorhood?

Filthy Gorgeous is a witty romantic comedy told through the eyes of a self-proclaimed, modern day Mr Darcy. Regardless of whether or not Alexander makes it up the aisle, one thing is certain – you will be left reaching for the tissues.

*Warning: Due to bad language and sex this is for over-18’s only*(less)

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