We all love a good satire.  There’s always someone braver than us to say what everyone else is thinking.  In the upcoming hysterical satire by Malk Yagudayev, she does just that.  You can expect to see this book go up for sale in less than two weeks.  Here is a little about the book:

Some People Suck is a scathingly funny and wickedly humorous satire. This novel breaks down the different types of assholes and bitches that are in our social circles. Each chapter defines the individual and analyzes their behavior. You will immediately gain insight and label someone you know with one of the chapter titles. Some People Suck contains the perfect balance of explicit content and sarcasm, which will keep you on your toes. This book also stresses the importance of being able to differentiate between your genuine and fraudulent friends. This satire expresses the author’s candid opinions with laugh-out-loud metaphors you will not see coming. Some People Suck possesses stimulating content, electrifying anecdotes and spectacular advice for any young adult.

Hooked you didn’t it?  

Malka agreed to do an author interview with the Book Breath Babe and if her answers indicate what the book will be about, we’ll all be standing in line to buy it!  Here’s the interview:  

How did you come up with the idea to do a book like this?

After two poetry books and getting over heartbreaking stages any young adult goes through, I took a bit of a break from writing in general, thinking I would never have another book. When I was trying to come up with a concept, I decided that I want to write something where my voice can be heard through the pages. When I thought about it, I realized that I am pretty sarcastic and I love to read satires, especially Chelsea Handler books. With that idea, I began to write about the different types of people that are amongst us. I wanted the book to look and sound like it’s a journal and you’re reading someone else’s opinions. Someone who has the courage to say exactly what’s on your mind even though you may be afraid to say it out loud. I wanted each chapter to get readers to say, “I can’t believe she went there!” And it feels great knowing that reaction is materializing and I didn’t have to think much about it but rather write my thoughts out.

Another concept for the book revolves around the fact that many of our “friends” are not true friends and unfortunately don’t truly care about us. Many people that have repeatedly wronged us are still in our lives. I began to question many things as I put together the ideas for the book. I unfortunately had to remember real life stories and jot them down so that my readers can easily relate to them. I decided to break down the different types of individuals for both categories, in a general way and then attach a story or two for readers to easily relate with. Assholes and bitches are broad categories, so I made it my mission to think about all the subcategories of individuals who are literally around us twenty four seven. And you’ll see for yourself.

You mentioned that this is a satire breaking down the different types of assholes and bitches in our social circles.  I know that we’re surrounded by them each day.  Do you think we can identify with these types of people you will describe?

I can almost guarantee it 100% that every reader will identify someone they know with one of the chapter titles. I break down the individual as best as I can, in order for people to quickly get the picture and then I back it up with a story or two. For example, in each chapter, I gave the individual his/her own title name which we address them as. Like the guy who is controlled by his girlfriend aka (pussy whipped) I decided to name that chapter something a little less vulgar but quite interesting when you say it out loud – The Vaginally Tethered One. We all know of a cheater, an instigator, a harlot, compulsive liars, oblivious friends, narcissists who repeatedly take selfies, jealous friends, and the list clearly goes on and on. Just with those few examples, I’m sure your mind identified it with someone you know of or someone you might actually know pretty well. I try to give a life lesson at the end of each chapter, hoping to get through to the reader and give them insight.

Were any of your friends or family members offended by your descriptions of the assholes and bitches know they might possibly fit into one of those categories?

You bet they were! I think they’re more paranoid than offended. I’ll be honest with you, in the beginning of the writing stage, I told a few friends that they inspired me for a few chapters or that a story they once told me inspired me. They were honored because they thought I was writing a heartwarming novel where they play a lead role. I quickly shattered that dream when I told them the title of the book. They were shocked and thought I was joking. They finally believed me and cracked up when I read them a chapter. I didn’t use my friends for the really negative chapters, because the people who inspired me for those chapters were those of the past. My friends fell under the funnier categories like, The Over Analyzer and The Forgetful One. I didn’t let them read any chapters in the edited manuscript and they are anxiously awaiting to get a copy and see where they are located in the book.

Did you ever say, “Hey, Sis.  Chapter 7 is totally you?” or are you leaving it up to their own powers of deduction to figure out who they are?

Honestly, I am torturing a lot of people by constantly teasing them regarding whether they are in the book or not. Or whether they fell under a horrible chapter that no one should fall under. Two of my friends know they made it and under the categories they are pretty known as, so they are only afraid to read my perspective and opinion. When I get super sarcastic in writing and in person, they know I can go pretty far and they never know what to expect. That’s why they are counting down the days until they can see for themselves. I’m pretty excited.

Do you think this book should be required reading in high school and college?  (I’m kind of thinking I needed such a handbook in those days)

I believe that anyone who wants an in depth idea followed by honest opinions as to the type of people out there and who will be in their social circles at some point in life, should pick up a copy and gain insight and avoid certain people from the start. These chapter titles kind of sum up the people all around us and it wouldn’t hurt to read and laugh out loud as you join in and agree.

Do you fall into one of your chapter categories?  If so, can you tell us which one? 

After this book comes out, I’ll probably be considered an asshole, so I’ll just throw myself into that category in advance. But in all honesty, I think the one chapter where I thought to my own actions and sayings was “The Dust Bunny” chapter. That chapter is about people that go outside in public dressed in wrinkled clothing, uggs in their ripped and tight sweatpants and then complain that they saw everyone in the world and wish they could have looked better. I do that all the time. To run an errand, I put on my sweats from my collection paired with a messy bun and I think it’s normal to quickly run around a few stores and I believe I won’t see anyone. Why is it that that day I see everyone from the past and present? It’s ridiculous and I go on in that chapter about certain details and basically end it off with, even if this happens, we still talk our lazy selves into dressing down again and the impossible happens, again!

How old were you when you wrote your first book?

I was eighteen years old when I wrote my first book of poetry titled, “Life: Difficult Yet Relatable.

Do you have any other published works?  If so, what are they.

I wrote one more book of poetry one year after the first book came out. At twenty, my second book titled, Love: Driven by Emotions was released. It was poems that were broken down and placed into 5 chapters which symbolized the 5 stages of love in my opinion – Butterflies, Falling In love, Fading Away, Breaking up, and the Hope to move on and find another.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

My favorite thing about writing is that I can convey all my thoughts and worries onto a paper and easily feel better. Writing has been therapeutic for me since I was about ten years old. Writing clears my mind and drifts me into another world. My notebooks throughout middle school and high school were filled with quotes and poems which I often related to. I used to write songs in class when I was bored and have my friends read it for fun. I never had the intention of writing on this level and ever thinking I’d become an author and have three books so far. It’s truly a blessing and after I found my passion, I truly cannot imagine doing anything else.

Do you have a day job or are you a full time author?

I do have a day job besides being an author. I began my own writing company last March which caters to individuals as well as business owners with their writing needs. Throughout the years, I have networked a lot and created strong relationships with many prominent people. Artists, Jewelers, designers, movie directors became my first clients where I would write material, descriptions or even translations for them. I worked many 9-5 jobs but hated all of them. When I realized that I should pursue what comes naturally to me, everything seemed to fall into place. The writing company is expanding and I hired writers and we write and revise everything from resumes, to presentations, songs, web content, and formal speeches. I hope to expand it within a few years and fully establish myself and the brand. 

Chelsea Handler, look out!  There’s a new asshole in town.

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I hope you all enjoyed the interview with Malka Yagudayev.  I sure did!