With the digital age comes more availability to do things we never could before when it comes to publishing books.  One particular thing authors can now do is self-publish.  Now, more than ever, us greedy little readers are able to get our hands on more and more books at great prices through our e-readers.  We are able to be exposed to really good authors and books that may never have been possible in the past.  

Writing a book is taxing, time consuming, and life stopping.  So let’s support them!    Please share if you support Indie Authors as well.  

I provided a link from The Alliance of Independent Authors that gives a lovely description of an Indie Author.  My favorite was that they said, “You recognize that you are central to a revolutionary shift in publishing which is moving from seeing the author as resource (in the new parlance ‘content provider’) to respecting the author as creative director.

Love it!  Support your Indie Authors today by:

Buying their books.

Tweeting about their books.

Leaving good, honest reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and other platforms.

Liking them on Faceook and sharing news about their books.  

Follow their blogs.

Most of these writers are just people like us that have a story in their brain clawing to get out. They take the enormously brave step of writing a novel that most people would never even dream of having the guts to try.  

Support them.  I heart Indie Authors!!

Kristi (Queen BBB)