Romance novel readers are the best.  We become completely attached to the heroes in our stories and label them as our book boyfriends.  

But with these beloved book boyfriends, we can’t wait to share our love for them.  

Oh, Christian is so flippin’ hot.  I can’t look at a necktie again without going insane.

Wow, Dean Holder is amazing.  I think I want to have his fictional baby.

Q is so freaking fine.  His French words are so romantic.

Travis can be my bad boy any day of the week.

Point is, we love them and want to share our love for them.  Personally, I like finding half naked pictures of my fictional boyfriends and sharing them with my reader friends.  Sometimes I show the hubby too.  

I want them all to know just how much I love my pretend boyfriend.  

It would appear I am not alone in my thoughts.  I follow several FABULOUS groups on Facebook with others that love sharing their fictional boyfriends too.  

Nobody gets jealous.  We just egg each other on.  In fact, some of these gals even have contests to comment with your fave book boyfriend and picture of what you imagine them to look like.  Those are the best.   

Now, in real life when you check out my husband, the claws come out.  But you can obsess over my book boyfriends all day long and I’ll be right there with you droolin’ and dreamin’!  

Here are my favorite pages that share my love for romance novels.  You should go and like their pages!  Just try not to get distracted like I do staring at the wonderful pictures and book covers and reviews and contests and…..  Oh, who am I kidding, you’re going to get distracted.  Enjoy!

Kristi (Queen BBB)