Hi there!  This blog is a way to REALLY showcase my love for books.  I read all genres but am particularly in love with angsty romance novels.  I live and breathe books!

When people describe me, they say, “Oh, she’s that book nerd.”  Like that’s a bad thing?  Never been prouder.

When I say I breathe books, I’m not lying.

I read them.

Drool over imaginary book boyfriends.

Obsess over the storylines.

Drool some more.

Stalk the authors so I can have more of my favorite stories.

Beta read for the most fabulous authors around.

Shout to the world my fave books.

Read some more.

Drool again.

Repin cute book quotes.

Get my point?  Books are my life.  Instead of having coffee breath, because surely I don’t, I have book breath.  If you’re ever around me in person or via social media, you’ll get a whiff of it…that’s for sure!  I’m thankful to have a husband that puts up with my mild (what?!) book obsession.  Love ya hon!

I hope you enjoy all I have to share and tell your other fellow book nerd friends about me!

Book Nerds Unite.

Kristi (Queen BBB)